Privacy Policy

Privacy and Cookie Center 

The privacy and security of your personal data are very important to us. Whether you are visiting our website, using our mobile app, booking a room, we want you to trust how we use the information and the options available to you. 


What information we collect and how we use and share it  

our mobile app or other digital channels of the brand, as well as through certain offers or services available in the establishments of the brand (such as the wifi connection). 

We collect and use your information if you (or someone on your behalf) make a reservation to stay at our hotel or interact with us on our website, on the mobile app or on another of our digital channels. To use our website or mobile app, you do not need to provide us with your personal information, but in some cases, we may not be able to provide services without your personal information (for example, we may not be able to complete a requested reservation), finally we will tell you how we collect, use and share your information. 

  • If you are making a reservation or staying at our hotel  

  • If you interact with us from our corporate websites 

The legal basis for the processing of your personal data 

We are committed to collecting and using your information in accordance with applicable data protection laws. We will only collect, use and share your information when we have an appropriate legal basis for doing so. 

This basis may exist in these situations: You gave us your consent to use personal information; Our use of your information is necessary to fulfill our contract with you; such as to make a reservation and manage it in accordance with the terms of our agreement with you; Our use of your information is necessary to fulfill the responsibilities we have with regulatory, tax and law enforcement entities, or otherwise to fulfill our legal responsibilities. 

Our use of your information is based on our legitimate interest as a business organization, for example, to operate and improve our services and to keep people informed about our products and services (including profiling and personalized advertising). In these cases, we will take care of your information at all times in a proportionate manner that respects your privacy rights and you have the right to object to us processing it, as explained in the section «How to object to the way we use your information» as follows: 

For more information on the legal basis for the processing of personal information, please contact our offices (contact information is included in the section «How to contact us»). If you have given your consent for us to process your information, you can revoke it at any time by contacting the office (contact information is included in the «How to contact us» section). 


Use of our websites, mobile applications and other technology 

We and our service providers use cookies, pixels, access monitors, tracking tools and other similar technology on our websites, mobile apps and in other areas of our business to collect information and provide you with the services you have requested or in which you participate, in addition to offering you personalized advertising. Subject to local consent requirements, we may use this and other information we collect, such as encrypted email addresses, so that we and our third-party service providers can determine which other devices you use (for example, a mobile phone, a tablet, another computer, etc.). If you are using our mobile apps and have given your consent to share your location with us, this data may be collected using GPS technology to provide you with certain personalized services, such as recommendations from nearby hotels, and personalized offers or promotions. Your location preferences can be set or modified on the device or in the corresponding social network settings. We and our service providers can also use cross-device tracking, and other information we learn about you, to show you personalized advertising on your devices. We also use the information we collect to improve our products and services, as well as your experience, when you visit our website and use our mobile app. If you use these third-party features, you will also be protected by the privacy policies of these third parties.